Firewall Experts (7 records)

ID Candidate Summary* Location Relocation % Willing to Travel
Claims to be a Palo Alto architect and to have worked extensively with GlobalProtect.
15 yrs of security experience and has been working on Firewall migrations for the last 8 yrs. He has Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Juniper and even Sonicwall experience. He has worked on several large global enterprise migration projects from Cisco to Palo Alto. He has 40+ migrations completed. He is only interested in contract work.
Houston, Texas
Firewall Migration Expert.
• Extensive experience with Firewalls including Check Point, ASA and Palo Alto. Worked on many large and complex ASA to Palo Alto Firewall conversions.
• SME on highly complex Palo Alto implementations.
• Project lead for 7+ International Data Center conversions.
germantown, Maryland
Led firewall migration project while at AstraZeneca for 3 major sites. East Coast, California and Europe. This was a migration from Cisco to Palo Alto 320 and 520. He has numerous other migration experience.
Lansdale, PA
9 Yrs of IPS and Firewall Migration Specialist experience. Has performed multiple multi path migrations to/from CISCO, ASA, Checkpont, Palo Alto to name a few. He has handled 5 major enterprise migrations that were each 2.5 yrs and 1000's of firewalls. He has multiple other smaller migrations under his belt. He is currently working for CISCO as a consultant but is being forced to convert to perm. He prefers contract. Rate is $120/hr corp to corp. Live in Toronto and looking to work remotely.
Toronto, Ontario
8 yrs of Security experience in implementation, migrating, provisioning and troubleshooting. He also has worked with Cisco and Palo Alto. Mo also has expertise experience in design, implementation, configuration and support of. BGP, ISDN, ATM, OSPF and TCP/IP WAN’s and MAN’s products. Mo has excellent communication and a great personality. Mo is looking for 150K and able to work remotely.
Piscataway, New Jersey
For the right opportunity
15 yrs of Security experience with firewall, IDS/IPS and Security Incident Mgmt Solutions. Has 3-4 yrs of firewall migration experience Checkpoint to Cisco and vice versa, some Juniper and was on a pilot project to migrate Cisco to Palo Alto. He is looking for a long term contract making $110/hr corp to corp. Might consider relocating for the right role.
Burlington, Ontario
7 yrs of experience as a network and security engineer and most recently has been focused on designing and implementing CISCO, HP and Palo Alto networks. He has worked on 1 Palo Alto to Cisco migration and 30+ Cisco to Palo Alto migrations. He has managed 900 firewalls at one location at one time. He worked on a small short term project 2 yrs ago at Chevron. He is local to GA and would be open to traveling to the client site for the initial phase but then would prefer to work remotely as he has been doing for Dell over the last several years.
Mableton, Georgia
For the right opportunity